Have you ever wondered what is the price we pay when we choose to do nothing about a situation that slowly eats away at us? Does it eventually become too high for even the toughest, richest and most famous of us to bare?

You know that feeling you get when someone steals your ideas and pass it off as if its theirs. Or when you always get the assignment no one wants or another year and you are once more past for a promotion? Or worst, when someone makes an inappropriate and overtly sexual comment directed at you? That sinking feeling of defeat that is followed by “how do I even respond to that?” Where do you draw the line to preserve some level of dignity for yourself? Is that clear to you or will you just know when you find yourself in an unexpected situation? Is it 100% clear to us when we have been put into a compromising situation or do we equivocate and remain ashamed, unsure and unaware of what is acceptable? And then what must be done?

These past weeks, the parade of Hollywood starlets who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault and even rape that took place over the course of 30 plus years boggles the mind because it just seems impossible, given how powerful these celebrities have become… I felt angry and bewildered that must this be the reality of women, even those who seem powerful?

How can people not stand up for themselves? To not speak up about injustices done to themselves or others and instead publicly thank and shower this man with praise? These women are just as susceptible, if not more so, to being victims like the rest of us. They suffer the pain that comes with having been physically violated; regardless of their social status and the deafening silence that was imposed on and subsequently accepted as a fact of life and the price of doing business; by them.

Unfortunately these extreme situations remind us all to well what happens when “well intentioned” people choose to say and do nothing. Often doing nothing is not as extreme as not speaking up and against sexual assault but it is not speaking up for yourself during a meeting when others are posturing or simply talking over you. Doing nothing is waiting for life to just happen to you, eventually becoming a victim of circumstance rather than an agent for change in your own life and perhaps the lives of others. I hope we all choose to do Something!

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