Organizational Leadership|Strategic Planning|Change Management

We design collaborative and impact-driven organizational solutions


We R Artemis engages community advocates by supporting them to release ineffective thought patterns and habitual ways of working, to adopt new mindsets that support behaviors and leverage technologies that transform how we work and live.

Our approach is grounded in design thinking, agile methodology and behavioral analysis. We work with you to uncover and identify opportunities to propel you forward.


Want to be a more impactful leader? This requires going deeper into developing key skills and competence in critical areas. You can schedule private, one-on-one, executive coaching sessions with Milka. She will work with you at your pace to help you achieve your goals as a leader.

Team Building Services

Effective team coaching is not a one-time event. If you want tremendous return on your investments, consider team coaching. We work on developing the group’s team (shared/distributed) leadership skills/competences in-situ, which allows leaders to build strong teams that are aligned with your business goals, process and each other.

Strategic Planning Sessions

We offer tailored strategy sessions for organizations and their leadership teams by:

  • using human-centered organizational and design thinking strategies as a catalyst to cultivate new models of interaction

  • shifting the landscape through collaboration, alignment and partnerships with mission-driven organizations

  • fostering seamless transitions from strategic vision setting to organizational execution

Together we will collaborate to create moments of discovery, leading to unexpected aha moments of clarity.

For more information and to get a quote for our O.D.|Leadership|Change|Strategic Planning Solutions & Executive Coaching services,  contact us at:

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