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“Working with Milka has been one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made.  She gently but firmly insists that you rise to the challenge of digging into the deep work of soul searching and transformation as she calmly guides you along the way.  She’s been my sherpa along the journey of stepping into the best version of myself I can be, both personally and professionally.  I’m forever grateful.”

       – Susan C.

Executive Coaching Vs. Counseling

Signs You Are Working With A Coach

You know how to have fun and enjoy life.
You are clear on what really matters to you.
You confidently use your strengths.
You’ve learned the importance of the word NO.
You worry less about things that probably will never happen.
You are assertive and go for what you want in life.
You are full of optimism and ideas you want to share.


Women in Leadership

The Leadership Compass Coaching Program is founded on the basis that women have unique professional development needs that require greater attention to self-knowledge, courage, self-confidence, self-belief and an authentic leadership presence; in order to step into leadership more effectively. Our coaching process aligns personal values, motives and purpose with professional goals to increase the likelihood of success and happiness.    
The Heroine’s Leadership Journey (Transitions) Coaching Program encourages women to develop a healthier relationship with their inner self. This creates the space for the necessary shifts required to support the achievement of balance and wisdom; during moments of tremendous personal and professional transitions and change. The transition coaching process aligns mindset shifts, actions and behaviors with a set of intentions that creates the space to find one’s inner heroine even in the midst of difficult passages.
“Milka and I met at a women’s leadership event and I was immediately impressed by her presence and confidence. I was incredibly happy to find out that she is in the business of helping other women gain presence and confidence – and I signed up as soon as I could! She is an excellent listener and always has something insightful to say. Since I started working with Milka, I have learned many things about myself. I am so thankful for meeting Milka – she is wonderful!” 
          – Catherine S.

“Milka is the calm voice in all of your chaos. I trust her through and through. She works with integrity, humbleness and kindness. She knows exactly how to help you clear the clutter that stands between you and your next big move. I am excited to work with her in the future!”

– Elisa M.

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