The Business Case for Inclusive & Equitable Employee Experience: Change the Gender Imbalance
Women are 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs 4.6%
Women are 15% of Executive Officers 15%
Number of Undergraduate and Graduate Degree holders that are women 70%

We Use Design Thinking to Develop or Re-Design Diversity & Inclusion Programs your Employees Want to Attend.

Employee Engagement - Learn how to treat your employees like your best customers: Engage, Recharge & Grow


We begin all engagements with a discovery process to collect data across different dimensions across the informal culture to identify how your organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy aligns with the business’s 3-5 year strategy.
All of our engagements use a data-driven process to align with the organization’s business strategy. We work closely with both business leaders and human resources to identify critical success factors aligned with employee engagement and performance.
Critical to the success of increased employee engagement and retention are not only customized programs that center the employee’s professional development but also how these programs are communicated to cement their legitimacy.


Boundaryless Leadership

Boundarlyless Leadership Seminar
Contact us at 786-263-9632 or to learn how we can support your employee experience and culture efforts.

Authentic Leadership

Contact us at 786-263-9632 or to learn how we can support the specific leadership development needs of the women in your organization.

Lead Like a Heroine and Turn Fear into Fuel Webinar

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