Have we become a society of victims?

What is the price we pay when we choose to do nothing about a situation that slowly eats away at us?

These past weeks a parade of women have accused powerful men in leadership positions of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Across many industries heads are rolling so much so that it borders on the absurd. How can so many people be complicit in uplifting these predators, praising them and awarding them for their creativity? What have we been doing to allow these people this level of success? It is mind blowing that so many have put up with being abused, beat down and stepped on as a matter of course for the sake of their careers…

Can the veneer of success wash away the deep shame that comes with compromising yourself regularly? Where do we draw the line on the proverbial road to Athens? The road to conformity and self contortions that leave you barely recognizable, even to yourself.

I developed my work around the Heroine’s Leadership Journey so that women could find the courage to stand up for themselves. The very model is based on rebuilding female self-confidence, which is very much needed, now more than ever. “Fake it till you make it” is no longer enough! My coaching approach is especially crucial after years of working in toxic hyper-masculine professions that erode any sense of self, dignity and integrity that is required when you do nothing but compromise yourself on a regular basis.

As these sexual harassment stories surface, it is impossible for old memories not to resurface. I have dodged many bullets over the years, as a young woman who traveled extensively for work with consulting teams made up primarily of men, the boundaries were sometimes pushed by people who knew better and my cold hard stare rarely ever left anyone wondering what was permissible in my presence. We can all #dobetter. #metoo

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