Leadership Models

Our founder and lead consultant, Milka Milliance, has the capabilities to design a focused consultative process that engages multiple stakeholders to solve critical Strategic Leadership Development challenges in small or large organizations. Our approach integrates a stakeholder engagement model within our consulting process. Our solutions weave in critical insights in every step of the way while facilitating a stakeholder buy-in and alignment process very early on in the engagement.


Many in organizations may have great ideas but are often unheard because they have not found their voice. By not speaking up – time is wasted and fear creeps up and the Courage and Confidence to make a significant contribution is lost. The 3Cs of Leadership was inspired by the re-occurring themes heard from senior leaders, men and women leading global organizations, who desire to see the women in their organization’s become the leaders of tomorrow.

Artemis Leadership Compass

Artemis Leadership Compass

The Artemis Compass is based on three dimensions: Authenticity, Creativity and Relatedness that encourages greater balance and inner strength as the basis of our development approach. These three dimensions are derived through our thought leadership, extensive and multi-disciplinary research and pointed conversations with women leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions. Through this integrative process these three dimensions were selected as they are believed to be critical to the success of women in leadership roles.

The Heroine's Leadership Journey

Heroine's Leadership Journey

The Heroine’s Leadership Journey model is a fluid process that identifies 4 stages within the passage of a period of transitions. When each stage is appropriately cultivated during a period of transition, a person is better able to use different facets of her self to live a more balanced and holistic life. In our work, we honor certain qualities, characteristics and competences that are highly relevant to personal development needs that take into account the different seasons of woman’s life. We R Artemis provides structure, support and guidance as you take stock of your values, define your purpose, while further cultivating greater emotional intelligence.

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