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National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) E-Coaching Webinar

Venture Cafe, Managing Transitions and Change

WIN Conference, Rome, Italy - The Heroine's Leadership Journey



Join us on Fika with Milka (Take a Break with Milka) Podcast brought to you by We R Artemis Leadership. A seasonal podcast bringing you the personal development strategies to stay centered, focused and grounded in your power.

2017 Podcast Series

  1. Setting Boundaries in Our Relationships
  2. Fear
  3. The Athena that Lives in All of Us
  4. Is Happiness a Myth?
  5. The Heroine’s Journey, Honoring Our Narrative


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Featured guest on Taking A Leap Radio show discussing how to go through a life transition and come out on top.


Speaker Reel


1. The 3Cs of Women in Leadership: Courage, Confidence and Collaboration

This workshop series explores Courage, Confidence and Collaboration in depth and in a safe environment. For women, Courage is finding their voice and making sure that it is heard. Confidence is pursuing new opportunities even when you don’t have all the answers and Collaboration is deliberately and intentionally sharpening your relationship building skills in a genuine manner.

 2. Leadership for Women Entrepreneurs

Learn how to build a new team based on the organization’s values, aspirations and strategy. Learn how to identify differences in personalities, work styles, and how to appreciate difference while staying focused on overall objectives and goals. Teach entrepreneurs a process on how to form high performing teams that can surpass execution objectives during the start-up phase of their business. Additionally, this workshop helps teams develop real-time conflict management process and skills, integrate shared/high involvement leadership practices and how to implement collaborative action learning into their organizational DNA.

3. Turn Fear into Fuel: Step Boldly into Leadership

Women are often unheard, silenced by others and even more troubling, can self-impose silence when they do not find their voice. By not speaking up to ask questions, gain clarity or share ideas; time is wasted, anxiety and fear quickly surface and the courage to be bold is lost. Turning Fear into Fuel is an interactive workshop that gets to one side of the women leadership pipeline equation – FEAR. Fear of imperfection, the imposter syndrome, people pleasing, not having all the answers and most importantly fear of failure.

4. Confidence & Trust – The Faces of Leadership

The most powerful theme in leadership development in 2016 – 2017 is TRUST. The world over, there is a lack of trust, especially between individuals and institutions, the workplace being ground zero, especially among younger workers, particularly women. If female managers don’t believe that their efforts will be acknowledged and refrain from pursuing new opportunities – it indicates a low level of trust in the organization. To change this reality, their perception must be altered through what is seen and believed.

 5. The Collaboration Conundrum

To collaborate or not to collaborate… the unasked and unanswered question for many professional women unclear of the dynamics of power in one’s network.  Serious consideration needs to be given to this subject when we want to see more women in leadership.

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Fall 2018 Events


A #LinkedinLocal & Hacking HR Forum Collaboration Event bringing together Miami's Next Gen HR Community

A learning seminar for Human Resources leaders in Miami.

A #LinkedInLocal & FIU Office of Engagement Collaboration| November 13, 2018

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