The Business Case for Women in Leadership
Women are 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs 4.6%
Women are 15% of Executive Officers 15%
Number of Undergraduate and Graduate Degree holders that are women 70%

How We Work With Corporate Clients


Our team building services is not a one-time event. If you want tremendous return on your investments, consider team coaching. We work on developing the group’s team (shared/distributed) leadership skills/competences in the moment, which allows leaders to build strong teams that are aligned with your business goals, process and each other.

Our executive coaching for entrepreneurs program integrates different facets of start-up advising from setting a vision based on values, purpose, and motives to strategy definition and execution. In addition to procuring resources, the second biggest challenge that start-up teams face is learning how to effectively collaborate, communicate and manage stress while maintaining a good team

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We begin all engagements with an initial in-take and assessment process to collect data across different dimensions that pertain to critical competencies required for women to be successful leaders.
All interventions use a data collection processes. We include behavioral change modalities to create customized individual and group coaching, workshops and consultative solutions.
Critical to the success of any behavioral intervention is goal setting and making the necessary mind-set shifts to learn courageous, confident and authentic behaviors.



  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Team Coaching


  • Leadership Development Program Design

  • Gender Balancing in the Organization

  • Designing Impactful ERG Programs that are Measurable

  • Offsite Team Building Workshop Design


  • Delivery and debrief of  the MBTI Assessments (group workshops and individual debriefing packages.)

  • Delivery and debrief of Personality Assessments (group workshops and individual debriefing packages.)


  • Keynote Speaker presentations

  • Panel Facilitation

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